Living with Dignity has eight principal objectives:

  1. To support persons made vulnerable by illness in all circumstances and in all stages of life.
  2. To defend the dignity, equality and intrinsic value of the lives of the elderly and of all people who live with a disability or an acute or chronic illness.
  3. To encourage a global approach in our health care system: an approach which, in the spirit of social solidarity, is respectful of patients, their loved ones and the common good.
  4. To promote access to appropriate care for all, including adequate pain management and quality palliative care, in the environment which best meets the needs of the patient.
  5. To oppose disproportionate treatment as well as euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  6. To protect the relationship of trust between doctor and patient, the universally recognized role of health professionals as protectors of life, and the security of patients in  health-care institutions.
  7. To promote popular education on important issues at the end of life, including disproportionate treatment, the right to refuse treatment, pain control and palliative care.
  8. To promote a legislative and ethical environment opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide.