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  Living With Dignity Newsletter
  December 2015, No 1

A Word from the Director

It is with great pleasure that we present this first edition of Qui-Vive, the new monthly newsletter of Living with Dignity. With Qui-Vive, you will be kept up to date on current issues, our actions and how you can help promote our cause.

We hope that you will enjoy our newsletter and share it with those around you. Every voice is important because every voice represents a person who advocates for the inestimable value of every human life, as an antidote to the medicalization of death.

Enjoy the reading!


News Updates

In Quebec, the Act Respecting End-of-Life Care (Bill 52) ​​will come into effect on December 10. Although the procedures are not yet clear, this date will inaugurate the legalization of euthanasia in Quebec, under the pseudonym "medical aid in dying". With a single exception, all palliative care centres still refuse that such a practice take place within their walls, as do all the health professionals of the CHUM palliative care service. Which shows that the medical staff working on the front lines still maintains its opposition to euthanasia despite the intimidation campaign against them in the public square.​

In Canada, everything seems to indicate that the new Liberal government of Justin Trudeau will support the request of the Federal External Panel and ask the Supreme Court of Canada for a six-month extension of the deadline to implement a law to "regulate" the decriminalization of assisted suicide. We remind you that the Supreme Court gave the federal government until next February 6, 2016 to set up a legislative framework following its judgment, known as the Carter decision. We would welcome an extension with relief because it would allow us to continue our advocacy to promote life options. This challenge is also too crucial and dramatic to be rushed - which would add insult to injury.​

Euthanasia Symposium : a success !

Students from the Canadian Physicians for Life attended the Euthanasia Symposium 
as part of their annual Medical Student Forum
More than 150 people attended the Symposium Theory and Reality about Euthanasia, which took place at the Ville-Marie Hotel in Montreal on October 31. One after the other, more than ten speakers from across Canada presented the facts behind the words to an audience mainly composed of young medical students. A tribute award was presented to Dr. Balfour Mount for his outstanding contribution to defending human values for over 40 years. We thank everyone who contributed to the success of this conference!​


Dr. Catherine Ferrier accepts the award on behalf of Dr. Balfour Mount
Credit: Alan Hustak, VMO
New tool to write directly to the public authorities

At the request of many people who wish to support the defense of physicians' freedom of conscience, a new site was established, that is specifically tailored for each province. By visiting moralconvictions.ca, you can now send a letter directly to the relevant political authorities.

With one click, your personal letter (or the model already prepared for you) will be forwarded to the Quebec Minister of Health, the Quebec College of Physicians and the Provincial-Territorial Committee (click here >>). You can also use it to easily write to the Minister of Justice of Canada, the Federal External Panel and your local MP (click here >>).

Take advantage today and spread the word!

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