Survey results show confusion reigns

A recent survey by Ipsos for Living with Dignity shows that contrary to what many people are saying, there is no consensus; people do not know what the expression "medical aid in dying" means. In fact, one of the highlights of the survey shows that:

The expression "medical aid in dying" seems very vague to the Quebec population and is subject to many different interpretations. In fact, a third of Quebecers interpret it as being the request of a patient for a doctor-given lethal injection while almost 30% understand the term as meaning the relief of symptoms throughout palliative care. Finally, almost 40% of those surveyed associate the term with the interruption of agressive therapy or with assisted suicide. This wide dispersal of answers shows the ambiguity that surrounds the expression "medical aid in dying".

An important conclusion that can be drawn from the survey is that:

It is therefore essential to clarify the terms used and to communicate in a concrete way the true sense of euthanasia and to avoid the usage of a term that is even more vague like "medical aid in dying".

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  1. Donna Nelson  October 10, 2014

    Assisted suicide is murder. If someone wants to take their own life, then they need to take the steps while they are still able. Hopefully someone will tell them the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ before they attempt suicide. Eternity is forever. We must determine where we want to spend our life after death while were still alive. We will all face the Judge of the universe when our spirit and soul leave our body. Thank you Alex for having such a heart of love. For truly caring for the people who can’t care for themselves at the end of their lives. It takes courage to suffer but the reward at the end of our lives is worth it if we know the Lord. My parents were well looked after when they couldn’t look after themselves. If one questions life after death, well I’d rather be safe than eternally sorry.
    Donna Nelson