Third day of consultations on Bill 52

Three groups presented their memoirs on this third day of consultations on Bill 52. We have received a promise of a free, non-partisan vote from the Liberal party. We have heard that the demand for "medical aid in dying" will be weak. We have also heard that the rules for the anticipated procedures are too strict. And once again, the lack of clarity within the bill has been emphasized.

Invited groups

  1. Association des conseils de médecins, dentistes et pharmaciens du Québec (ACMDP)
  2. Barreau du Québec
  3. Assemblée des évêques catholiques du Québec (AECQ)

Free, non-partisan vote

Mrs. Stéphanie Vallée, MNA for Gatineau, promised that the Liberal Party will authorise a free, non-partisan vote. Great! Let's hope that the other parties do the same. With a bill that is so important for the future of Quebec, it is vital that the MNAs be able to vote according to their consciences.

Weak demand

According to Mrs. Véronique Hivon, the minister for Social Services and Youth Protection,there will be few requests for medical aid in dying. Why then must we adopt such a dangerous law when we're aware of the derivatives that have occured in countries (such as Belgium) who already permit euthanasia?

Anticipated procedures: Stringent rules

According to Dr. Annie Léger of the ACMDP, the patient's aptitude is extremely difficult to evaluate. She finds unfortunate that the planned rules for Bill 52, concerning anticipated procedures, are too strict and formal. According to her, patients should be able to let their wishes be known more easily. What a stunning point of view when we consider the government line regarding the strict guidelines is that they are there to reassure the Quebec public! What do we want? Strict guidelines or an easy access to death?


Today, once again, all the groups have emphasized the lack of clarity in the definition of the terms contained in the bill from which could follow enormous problems.