CTV News Channel interview with Nicolas Steenhout

Yesterday the general director of Living with Dignity, Nicolas Steenhout, gave an interview to CTV News Channel on the subject of Bill 52.

You can see the interview in its entirety (in English) on the CTV News Channel site.

Here are the main questions and answers :

Q: What exactly is the big deal?

A: It's impossible to set guidelines for a law like this, despite what minister Hivon says. They just have to examine what is happening in Belgium. Bill 52 was closely modeled on Belgian law. There are misuses, such as the recent case of a transsexual who died of euthanasia following a botched operation.
What's more, Bill 52 is unclear, there are not enough definitions. Important concepts such as« medical aid in dying » or « end-of-life » are undefined.

Q: What impact would Bill 52 have on Quebec Health Services, if it is adopted?

A: We will lose a great deal of our palliative care professionals. 90 % of palliative care specialists are against Bill 52 and many have said that they will not continue to work in the domain if the bill is adopted.

Q: Why should we prevent it?

A: A law such as this is unnecessary. In the current context, it's possible for a person to decide to stop treatments, to stop feeding and hydration. With that and good pain treatment, it's possible to have a painless death with dignity.