The National Assembly must be on guard. Bill 52 represents an enormous risk for Quebec.

Montreal, October 29th 2013 – In adopting today the main rudiments of Bill 52 (Law concerning end-of-life care), the National Assembly has committed Quebec down a very perilous path. The network comprising of Living with Dignity and the Collective of Doctors for the Medical Refusal of Euthanasia are extremely disappointed with the results of the vote. The MNAs ignored the warnings they received during the parliamentary commission especially those coming from specialists in palliative care.

We are urging all MNAs to closely examine the bill during its detailed study, even if they are not appointed members of the parliamentary commission in charge of the study. This bill will have an important impact on the future of all Quebecers and it's primordial that the elect fully understand what exactly they will be voting for with regards to Bill 52. It carries a heavy burden.

Bill 52 presents a grave risk to all vulnerable people in Quebec. As enumerated in the Belgian and Netherland cases, it is impossible to set up clear guidelines to prevent abuse. What's more, it's absurd to consider legalising euthanasia, assisted suicide or medical aid in dying as long as palliative care and the support services are not available for all Quebecers.

But most of all, medical aid in dying is not a treatment. It's causing the death of a patient in an intentional way. The Canadian Criminal Code is very clear on the subject: Euthanasia is a homicide.

Sources : The citizen network Living with Dignity and the Collective of Doctors for the Medical Refusal of Euthanasia. Follow us on Twitter on @collectifmed and @vivredignite

For additional information or to set up an interview, please contact : Nicolas Steenhout General director Living with Dignity 438-931-1233