Bill 52 – the fight isn’t over

The National Assembly didn’t vote on Bill 52 before suspending its work last Thursday, February 20th. You probably already heard about it in the news. Some people say that the Bill died on the order paper. However, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT OUR MNAs WILL BE VOTING ON THE BILL AS SOON AS MARCH 10TH! The fight isn’t over.

While it is likely that an election will be called before the Assembly is scheduled to return to work, we must all continue our efforts. I invite you to contact your MNA, even if you already have, as well as the media. TELL THEM AGAIN THAT WE SHOULD NOT LEGALIZE “MEDICAL AID IN DYING”, WHICH IS A EUPHEMISM FOR EUTHANASIA. TELL THEM THAT THIS BILL IS DANGEROUS. Letters and phone calls take longer but are more effective than email. Face to face meetings can be very powerful, if you have the time to organize one in the next few days.

If your MNA has already stated that she/he will vote against Bill 52, do take the time to thank her/him.

Thank you for all your efforts.

MNAs who stated in the National Assembly they would vote against Bill 52

  • Lise Thériault (PLQ)
  • Michelyne St-Laurent (CAQ)
  • Lucie Charlebois (PLQ)
  • Pierre Marsan (PLQ)
  • Pierre Arcand (PLQ)
  • Lawrence Bergman (PLQ)
  • Christine St-Pierre (PLQ)
  • Fatima Houda-Pépin (PLQ)