In Belgium , children can now be euthanized … And in Quebec?

Today, the Belgian Federal Parliament passed legislation that expands access to euthanasia for minors. It has been ten years since euthanasia is legal for adults in Belgium. Very soon , the Quebec National Assembly may adopt Bill 52, which would legalize euthanasia in Quebec.

In an article published by Le Figaro (in French), Dr. Christiane Vermylen , pediatric hematologist-oncologist in Leuven (Belgium), says she has never faced a request for euthanasia children in her 30 years as a physician. She argues that there is no demand, no need for it. In Quebec, palliative care experts, including Dr. Balfour Mount, Montrealer and founder of palliative care in North America, also believes that there is no need to legalize euthanasia here. In Belgium, despite the opposition of experts, the law was passed . Will the Quebec government also ignore the opinion of Québec's experts?

Bill 52, as we know, is modeled closely on the Belgian legislation, which initially proposed so-called strict guidelines. These safeguards have continually been extended or ignored, and abuse has multiplied. The infographic produced by Living with Dignity reveals the extent of damage. It is illusory to think that Quebec will escape such abuses.

How long will it be, following the adoption of Bill 52, before Quebec follows Belgium even more firmly on the path to euthanasia for minors? What will parents say when their 16 year old advises them he requested euthanasia and they have no say to stop it? This is indeed the situation facing Belgian parents.

Make no mistake : the legalization of euthanasia in Quebec is only a first step . Some groups have already asked the Parliamentary Commission that euthanasia (disguised as "medical aid in dying") is also made ​​available to minors. Our Members of the National Assembly need to learn more. The question is too important to be taken lightly. It is a matter of life or death. Ladies and gentlemen, vote AGAINST the Bill 52! Do not be complicit in the thousands of euthanasia which will kill innocent Quebecers over the years.