Democratic process?

Linda Couture shared an interesting video on Twitter. In the video, she discusses the so-called democratic process that led to Bill 52. She qualifies the process as being "tainted".

Note: Video in French.

The video discusses the Special Commission on Dying with Dignity that visited 8 cities, consulted 90 groups, received 231 briefs, and cost nearly one million dollars.

Mrs Couture notes, as we did in a recent blog post, that there is no consensus.

False consensus based entirely on public opinion polls and confusion of terms.

The video also gives the results of an analysis of the public hearings:

  • 99% IN FAVOUR of palliative care
  • 60% AGAINST euthanasia
  • 34% IN FAVOUR of euthanasia
  • 2% AGAINST assisted suicide

The Commission's report doesn't reflect the testimony heard during the 29 days of public hearings. The experts and citizens who took part were ignored.