Involuntary euthanasia for intensive care in Belgium

The propagation of euthanasia in Belgium is growing at a nearly exponential rate. Euthanasia became legal in Belgium in 2002. En February 2014, the Belgian parliament legalised euthanasia for children. This week, the Journal of Critical Care published a statement from the Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (BSICM) "'Piece' of mind: End of life in the intensive care unit", where the BSICM affirms that involuntary euthanasia is a form of treatment that is not only acceptable, but desirable!

In that statement, the BSICM says that "shortening the dying process by administering sedatives beyond what is needed for patient comfort can be not only acceptable but in many cases desirable". What a ludicrous idea!

The Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine invites Belgian physicians to hasten the death of patients, to kill them. Involuntary euthanasia is still illegal in Belgium, despite several documented cases. But the physicians who will do this will be protected under the authority of the BSICM.

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