Let’s stop the reintroduction of Bill 52

You may have been wondering where was Living with Dignity during the recent electoral campaign. We kept silent in the hope that nobody would make the electoral promise to legalise “medical aid in dying”. Unfortunately, Mr. Couillard and Mrs. Marois both promised made that promise a few days before the election.

The day after the election, Mister Couillard declared that he wanted to quickly reintroduce Bill 52 in the National Assembly. So there is no longer a reason to remain silent. It is time to act. Maximum mobilisation is required in the coming weeks. In order to allow the reintroduction of a bill in the state it was at before the dissolution of the National Assembly, a unanimous decision by the Assembly is required (articles 47 and 48 of the National Assembly Rules). EVERY MNA must agree for Mr. Couillard to be able to reintroduce Bill 52 at the stage it was in before the election was announced. Even if only one MNA votes against it, the entire bill will need to be started from the beginning.

It is time to contact your MNA, either through a meeting, by phone, by post, or by email. The information to contact MNAs is on the National Assembly’s website:


Explain to your MNA that if he or she doesn’t object to the reintroduction of Bill 52, it is as if they ensured the bill would be adopted as per the final vote (3rd reading), considering that all of the PQ and the CAQ will vote in favour (non-admitted party line). The vote on the reintroduction MUST be considered the equivalent of voting on the adoption of the principle of the bill (2nd reading) and cannot morally be subject to party line if we consider the grave and ethical content of the bill.

You should also write to the newspapers. Letters to the editor of 500 words or less have the best chance of being published.

Talk to your family and friends. Ask them to intervene in this crucial debate. Let’s make it clear that Quebecers don’t want homicide disguised as “care” in in our healthcare system.

Talking points:

  • We must demand a free vote at all stages of the Bill.
  • If your MNA is against Bill 52 , ask him or her to refuse its reintroduction.
  • We must ensure access to quality palliative care for all of Quebec instead of legalizing "medical aid in dying".
  • "Medical aid in dying" goes against the Canadian Criminal Code. A law that legalises it will be contested in court and will be the source of confrontation with the Federal Government

Please remember that it is better not to discuss the question from a religious perspective. Unfortunately, many people stop listening when we talk about this aspect.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The battle is not lost!

Nicolas Steenhout
Director general
Living with Dignity



  1. Zelda  September 15, 2014

    B 52 is very controversial in that Living is where dignity is not the fact of committing actual suicide but calling it another name. This is done just to encourage death not to promote life.
    another issue you may not realize is that in world war II deaths for ill people, disabled and elderly, any so called class other that white people were II class citizens and some or a lot were in put to death by massive gas (bleech and soap) were used to gas them to death.