Andrée Champagne says she’s worried about the legalisation of medical aid in dying

Andrée Champagne says she’s worried that “medical aid in dying” is now allowed in Quebec. After nearly 9 years in the Canadian Senate, Mrs. Champagne is retiring. You may remember her from her role in Les Belles Histoires des pays d'en haut which ran between 1956 and 1970. Mrs Champagne was also a Federal MP from 1986 to 1993.

In her final Senate speech, she said:

“Last week, the National Assembly of Quebec, my province, passed a new law on end-of-life care. I shudder to think what could have happened to me”.

Indeed, she came close to dying. She had meningitis which put her in a coma for over a month. Her physicians even suggested to stop treatment.

She isn’t the only one to be worried.