Contact elected officials

The Supreme Court of Canada gave the federal government one year to write an effective law on physician-assisted suicide. This is not enough.

Among others things, we request  the federal government to invoke the notwithstanding clause and to establish a Royal Commission to study how best to respond to the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Carter case.

We must ensure that any response from the government will not abandon people and will protect the public, especially vulnerable people such as sick, elderly or disabled persons. We must also protect our doctors and health professionals and enable them to continue to give the best  care possible while defending their freedom of conscience.

We are writing  our MPs,  the Hon. Peter MacKay (Minister of Justice), and  our Prime Minister to encourage them to use the notwithstanding clause and to establish a Royal Commission on this subject-matter. We strongly encourage you to do the same.

A personal letter usually carries more weight than an email. You can find your MP's address, as well as Mr. MacKay's and Mr. Harper's on the Parliament's website: Please note that you do not have to use a stamp on your letter if you send it to their Ottawa office.

If you are not able to write a letter, you can use the postcard campaign "Give us time" (