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  Living With Dignity Newsletter
  Vol. 2

A Word from the Director

In the last weeks, we have witnessed several quite extraordinary turnarounds. The articles of the Quebec law concerning "medical aid in dying" were first suspended by the Quebec Superior Court, then the suspension was lifted pending the decision of the Court of Appeal that is hearing the case today, December 18. In the meantime, impossible to guarantee full immunity to doctors who would venture on the path of euthanasia which is still incompatible with the Canadian Criminal Code. It remains to be seen whether the Court of Appeal will reject the government's request by extending the suspension until the entry into force of a federal law.

Meanwhile, I would like to take the opportunity of this time of the year to thank you warmly for your continued support and your numerous messages that encourage us in this fight to preserve human solidarity and promote true health care accessible to all.

On behalf of the entire team of Living with Dignity, I wish you a Merry Christmas, a very Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!


News in Quebec

  • December 18: hearing of the Government of Quebec appeal regarding the incompatibility of its articles related to "medical aid in dying" with the Criminal Code of Canada. The decision of the Court of Appeal is expected soon but at this point we do not know the exact date.

News in Canada

  • December 4: the Federal Government requests from the Supreme Court of Canada a six months extension of the February 6, 2016 deadline to legislate on assisted suicide.
Our publications of the month (French and English)

  • Why such impatience: the defiant attitude of our politicians is putting Quebec doctors and healthcare institutions in situations where they will commit or sanction acts that are legally liable to prosecution. Read the article >>
  • Que vaut la vie humaine: Marc Beauchamp (président de Vivre dans la Dignité) fait un lien très touchant entre les attentats de Paris et le mépris de la vie humaine que l'on retrouve derrière l'euthanasie. Lire l'article >>
  • What happened to the other side of the coin: Aubert Martin examines media coverage of the debate on euthanasia in Quebec by asking several questions that remain without response. Read article >>
  • Provincial-Territorial Group seeks death on demand for all (even for children): we read with dismay the final report of the Provincial-Territorial Advisory Group that has no other goal than the unfettered promotion of euthanasia and assisted suicide throughout Canada with the intention of mandating death on demand for everyone… even for children. Read article >>

Press Review (French and English)

  • The absurd logic of assisted suicide: normalizing suicide requires us to set aside all prior assumptions except the most absurd ones. It rushes past all sorts of distinctions that might once have seemed important — between killing yourself and killing someone else, for example.  Read article >>
  • The dangerously contagious effect of assisted-suicide laws: legalizing assisted suicide in other states has led to a rise in overall suicide rates — assisted and unassisted — in those states. Read article >>
  • Reality TV for toffs: The Economist and euthanasia: suicide contagion and media responsibility. Read article >>
  • How Belgium went down the slippery slope of assisted suicide: scenarios that opponents of legal assisted suicide have conjured for decades but dismissed as a slippery slope arguments. Read article >>
  • Fiction éventée: le supposé consensus a été obtenu à coup d’euphémismes. Lire l'article >>
  • Mourir comme projet de société: cet étrange droit qu’a reconnu la société québécoise en dit beaucoup sur le nihilisme dans lequel nous croyons apercevoir le visage du progrès. Lire l'article >>
  • La piqûre qui tue du ministre Barrette: l'erreur du Dr Barrette au sujet de la morphine. Lire l'article >> 
  • Exiger d'un soignant un tel acte de mort est une forme de "prise d'otage". Lire l'article >>

Videos to watch (French and English)

  • Man of Steel (5:16): fighting the most aggressive form of brain cancer for his wife, his son, and his life (watch >>)
  • Life Is Good - Steve Saling's Story (15:07): living a good life with ALS through creative solutions (watch >>)
  • L'euthanasie au Canada (5:08): témoignage d'une famille qui appelle à dire non à l'euthanasie (voir >>)

To make a donation is... to take action!

Our organization would not exist without the support of people who share our vision of human solidarity and our mission to promote good palliative care for all. With your contribution, we can act on your behalf by advocating in person (conferences, panels), in the media (interviews, articles, press releases), and on social networks (blogs, website, Facebook, Twitter).

Thus, by contributing, you are directly participating in defending future generations, especially vulnerable people, threatened by euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada.

Thank you for your active support!