Killing by lethal injection: a psychological torment

Who said that medical aid in dying is not killing? When one uses the right words, logic and common sense do the rest:

Medical aid in dying = lethal injection = euthanasia = killing = psychological torment for executioners & psychological torment for doctors.


Killing (medical aid in dying / euthanasia / assisted suicide) is not a health care.


"Unlike the “kill or be killed” mindset in war or other forms of self-defense, carrying out executions felt very much like participating in premeditated and rehearsed murder. Either from religious training (“thou shall not kill”) or established societal norms, every person knows that taking a human life is one of our culture’s most serious offenses. It exacts severe mental trauma - even when done under the auspices of state law"  (>>).

— Dr. Ault, former commissioner of the Georgia, Mississippi and Colorado Departments of Corrections.