Public consultation on expansion of medical aid in dying in Québec

In a press release in French released June 28th, the Select Committee on the Evolution of the Act respecting end-of-life care announced the second phase of its work.

Excerpt (our translation): The members invite the Québec population to express their views on the issues at the heart of its mandate, namely the potential expansion of medical assistance in dying for people in a situation of incapacity (caused by a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s) and for those whose only medical problem is a mental illness.

We strongly encourage you to participate!

The different ways to do so are clearly expressed on this page

In summary:

1) Fill in the online questionnaire by August 24th
(23 questions on 6 pages / an English version should be soon provided)
If for a given question you find no satisfying answer, please click “Je ne sais pas / I don’t know”.

2) Submit a brief by August 24th via email

3) Apply by July 23rd to participate in the Commission’s second round of public hearings. As a witness, you will be invited to share your experience or opinion directly with the Commissioners. If you want to suggest your participation, same email:

If you are interested with action 2 or 3, we invite you to contact us at to coordinate our efforts.
The Living with Dignity citizen network will of course share a brief with the Commission and we hope to be invited to testify at the August hearings.

In order to prepare your participation, we suggest two important tools:
– the consultation document (right column, in French only) prepared by the Commission after phase 1 of the hearings.
– the interventions of some of the witnesses at these hearings, listed by the Physician’s Alliance against euthanasia in its June newsletter.

To consult all the briefs.


We are convinced that people who are incapacitated or have a mental illness deserve better than new access to medical assistance in dying.

Let’s communicate this in many ways to the Select Committee!