MAID and mental illness: credibility at stake for a federal committee

Published on March 2, an open letter signed by Mona Gupta and Jocelyn Downie criticizes the recommendation of the Quebec Select Committee on the Evolution of the Act respecting end-of-life care not to extend access to medical assistance in dying to those whose only medical problem is a mental disorder.
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While the authors may disagree with the Quebec Commission, we find it troubling that Dr. Gupta, who chairs the Government of Canada’s Expert Panel on MAID & Mental Illness, would express herself in this way just days before the release of their report.

The credibility of the committee’s work is at stake.
We support the Quebec Select Committee’s work excluding MAiD for those whose sole condition is mental health. Facebook version of this post.

”Those experts have been proceeding on schedule and are expected to issue their report by March 17” via The Canadian Press News

Facebook version of this post.

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