Bill 38: when the debate resumes in the Fall

The Living with Dignity citizen network is pleased with the decision of the members of the Commission de la santé et des services sociaux who chose on June 9 to put an end to the study of Bill 38 (reminder of our press releases of May 28 and June 2).

To view the official press briefing announcing the news (part in English at 33:05.

In the minutes following these statements by Quebec parliamentarians, Living with Dignity reacted via Twitter by emphasizing the wisdom of the decision (in French).

In order to keep track of the various interventions of
opponents who expressed their views on many aspects of the bill, here they are

La dignité humaine, un rempart à la démentophobie (Human dignity, a bulwark against dementiaphobia), by Félix Pageau, geriatrician

Projet de loi 38: plutôt qu’anticiper la mort, choisir d’aimer et d’être aimé (Bill 38: Rather than anticipating death, choose to love and beloved), by professor emeritus Thomas De Koninck

Advance directives for assisted death a recipe for abuse, by Catherine Ferrier, geriatrician

Pourquoi cherche-t-on toujours à élargir l’accès à l’aide médicale à mourir? (Why are we always seeking to expand access to medical assistance in dying?),
by Liette Pilon, physician

Du suicide assisté (Regarding Assisted Suicide, by Mathieu Brouillet, physician

Turning human rights upside down with advance requests for MAiD, by Trudo Lemmens, professor

Le respect des droits acquis (Respect for acquired rights), by Louis Bernard, former Secretary General of the Government

Brief by five Quebec geriatricians, José A. Morais, Pierre J Durand, Félix Pageau, Donald M Doell and Catherine Ferrier

Public interventions by members of the Quebec Coalition for Access to Palliative Care (see bottom of page, in French)

Also to be kept in mind, Minister Dubé seemed to demonstrate in the Parliamentary Commission on June 8 a major shift of great concern: the opening to MAiD by advance request in cases of happy dementia.
See the clip (in French): Full exchange at 24:55 (in French)

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