Press review of abuses associated with new access to MAiD

As the stories, testimonies and editorials have been accumulating for the last few months, here is an update in alphabetical order (non-exhaustive list, please help us to keep it up to date by writing to us at

Stories and testimonies

Jacques Comeau

CTV – Septembre 29, 2022 – ‘I can’t live that way’: Montreal man seeking medically assisted death due to home care conditions

Journal Metro (in French) – Octobre 17, 2022 – After initiating the medical assistance in dying process, Mr. Comeau contacted the CIUSSS to express his distress. Within a few days, the former caregivers returned to Mr. Comeau’s home, and he finally decided to cancel his request.

Joannie Cowie and Les Landry

Global News – Octobre 11, 2022 – How poverty, not pain, is driving Canadians with disabilities to consider medically-assisted death

Donna Duncan

CTV News – April 28, 2022 – Police investigation, public outcry following B.C. woman’s medically assisted death

Sathya Dhara Kovac 

CBC News – Octobre 4, 2022 – Winnipeg woman who chose to die with medical assistance said struggle for home care help led to decision

Amir Farsoud

City News – Octobre 13, 2022 – Ontario man applying for medically-assisted death as alternative to being homeless

Michael Fraser

Toronto Star, 10 novembre 2022 – Michael’s choice

Jennyfer Hatch

CTV Vancouver – 1er décembre 2022 – B.C. woman behind ‘dystopian’ commercial found ‘death care’ easier than health care 
LWD Press Release: She wanted to live. Beyond the Simons ad, the complex story of Jennyfer Hatch.

Rod McNeill

Associated Press – August 11,  2022 – Experts: Canada euthanasia law devalues disabled

Alan Nichols et Roger Foley

Associated Press – August 11, 2022 – ‘Disturbing’: Experts troubled by Canada’s euthanasia laws

Kiano Vafaeian

Common Sense News – October 11, 2022 – What you do when you discover your son has made an appointment for his death?

A Canadian Forces veteran

Global News – August 17, 2022 – Veterans Affairs says worker ‘inappropriately’ discussed medically assisted death with veteran


Quotidiens de la Coopérative nationale de l’information indépendante (CN2i), Le Droit, Le Nouvelliste, Le Quotidien, Le Soleil, La Tribune et La Voix de l’Est

7 décembre 2022 – Lise Ravary – L’ aide médicale à mourir n’est pas un outil de branding

Globe and mail

5 décembre 2022 – The editorial board  In Canada, people can die with dignity. They should be able to live that way, too

15 octobre 2022 – Robyn Urback – Euthanasia for babies? Canada finds itself sliding down a slippery slope on MAID

14 octobre 2022 – Ellen Cohen – Why I resigned from the federal expert panel on medical assistance in dying

1er septembre 2022 – The editorial board – Medical assistance in dying is a right that needs more limits

National Post

12 octobre 2022 – Ben Woodfinden – Canada must not become a country that kills disabled babies

Toronto Star

25 novembre 2022 – The editorial board – We need to put the brakes on expanding access to MAiD 

18 novembre 2022 – Andrew Philipps – We’re all implicated in Michael Fraser’s decision to die

14 octobre 2022 – Andrew Phillips – Canada is going too far with medical assistance in dying. The danger of abuse is becoming ever more apparent


The New Atlantis

December 16, 2022 – Alexander Raikin  No Other Options