Compassion redefined

Blog post published by Aubert Martin in the Huffington Post after recent cases of people who starve to be euthanized according to the criteria of the law. This wave of advocacy for suicide leads supporters of euthanasia to validate reasons for wanting to die. At the same time, people with severe disabilities are cunningly deprived of indisputable status of “human being” for the sole reason that they cannot “do it all by themselves” Read the article >>

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Free and informed consent?

In an article originally published in French in the Huffington Post following the ministerial modifications to conform Quebec's Act respecting end-of-life care to the federal law, Aubert Martin explains that these changes remind us that there are indeed risks of abuse and, therefore, these changes put us back into the heart of a fundamental issue regarding assisted suicide: free and informed consent. Read more >>

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C-14 now law: the resistance continues

The federal government’s bill C-14 was adopted this past Friday, June 17th 2016, by a majority of Senate members.

As of today, the Criminal Code contains “exemptions from the offences of culpable homicide, of aiding suicide and of administering a noxious thing, in order to permit medical practitioners and nurse practitioners to provide medical assistance in dying and to permit pharmacists and other persons to assist in the process” (>>).

In other words, the government has ...

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