« Death pact » and euthanasia of 45-year old twins : analysis

Euthanasia twins in Belgium analysis

Identical twins (monozygotic) Eddy and Marc Verbessem were born deaf. Inseparable and single, they had always lived together under the same roof. They were euthanized together at their request on December 14, 2012 in the UZ Brussel (University hospital) in the borough of Jette. They were 45 years old.

Their request for euthanasia was based on a diagnosis of glaucoma, a degenerative condition of the optical nerve which can lead to blindness. According to our information (difficult to verify), they suffered from a genetic anomaly which would progressively but irremediably cause them to go blind. This, together with the idea of loosing their independence, was unbearable for them.

The media presented this as a “first”. There had never been a case of two brothers requesting and being granted joint euthanasia. There had, however, been instances of couples being euthanized together.

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