• Potential vote on Bill C-7 today #HoC. It is now or never to express your view to your Member of Parliament. With a…
    [14 hours ago]
  • Vote potentiel sur le projet de loi C-7 dès aujourd’hui #CdC. Si ce n’est pas encore fait, merci de contacter votre…
    [14 hours ago]
  • Merci @CQualtro pour votre ouverture à amender le projet de loi C-7. Il faut poursuivre la réflexion sur les retrai…
    [6 days ago]

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Regarding “unbearable pain,” we must kill the pain, not the person with the pain. Failure to offer pain management is now a breach of human rights.
Margaret Somerville
Founder of McGill Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law
End-of-life is a precious moment, for us and for the person leaving us. It is our responsibility to make it a privileged moment, to make ourselves available, to look at our loved ones under a new light, and to see them as they truly are. End-of-life is a period where we simplify and show the essential of what we want to leave to our loved ones.
Patrick Vinay
Physician and President of Living With Dignity

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