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Euthanasias since 2015 


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End-of-life is a precious moment, for us and for the person leaving us. It is our responsibility to make it a privileged moment, to make ourselves available, to look at our loved ones under a new light, and to see them as they truly are. End-of-life is a period where we simplify and show the essential of what we want to leave to our loved ones.
Patrick Vinay
Physician and President of Living With Dignity
Regarding “unbearable pain,” we must kill the pain, not the person with the pain. Failure to offer pain management is now a breach of human rights.
Margaret Somerville
Founder of McGill Center for Medicine, Ethics and Law
I think it would be a disastrous mistake to legalize euthanasia in Quebec and Canada.
Balfour Mount
Physcian and founder of the Royal Victoria Hospital Palliative Care Service

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