Living with Dignity is a citizen network based in Quebec, with no religious affiliation and no political affiliation, incorporated in Montreal on May 19, 2010 as a non-profit organization.


We believe in a society of solidarity where every person has the opportunity to live in dignity, assured of human support and of the necessary technical means, which show that his or her life is valued, whether or not it is made vulnerable by illness, old age or disability.

Mission Statement

To promote a vision of the human being based on the inherent and inalienable dignity of every person, regardless of their state of health.

General Objectives

1. Promote the protection and support of vulnerable people in all circumstances and at all stages of their lives.

2. Accompany aging people and help them to foresee, plan and live their last years of life well.

3. Defend the inherent dignity and worth of every person living with a disability, suffering from a temporary or chronic physical or mental illness, or in old age.

4. Promote access to quality palliative care for all, in the setting that best meets the needs of the patient.

5. Raise public awareness of the issues related to euthanasia, assisted suicide and unduly burdensome and ineffective treatment.

6. Promote a societal and ethical framework conducive to the support of each person until natural death.

5 Ways to Achieve our  Objectives

1. Networking of sensitized organizations and individuals

Living with Dignity cultivates an effective network of exchanges and establishes meaningful relationships with individuals, groups and organizations that share its concerns and objectives.

2. Participation in public discussion

Living with Dignity participates in public discussion by helping aging people plan their final years of life; promoting access to quality palliative care for all, in the setting that best meets the needs of the patient; valuing positive models of quality end-of-life care; encouraging social solidarity in our communities; fostering the support and contribution of families and loved ones who accompany people at the end of life; and highlighting the various issues related to the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

3. Research and information gathering

Living with Dignity is concerned with assessing the quality of care and support for vulnerable people. Our positions are based on the most recent and credible information. Research and information gathering include literature review, information sharing, recognition of effective and exemplary models of services and care, and media monitoring.

4. Public and media awareness campaign

Living with Dignity firmly believes that there is an urgent need to raise awareness among the general public and the media about the major issues related to the challenge of aging, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the various palliative care services. Awareness-raising is carried out through the production of educational materials, the organization of events and the development of information campaigns.

5. Outreach

Living with Dignity is convinced of the need to develop and support professional and community support services and care that emphasize the inherent dignity of every human person. We work to promote recognition of the importance of supporting – within our communities – people made vulnerable by illness, old age or disability, as well as their families and loved ones.