Living with Dignity network is an autonomous, non-religious, non-profit Quebec organization with no political affiliation, incorporated in Montreal on May 19th, 2010.


We believe that a human being possesses an inherent and inviolable dignity nothing can destroy.

We believe that a civilized and humane society carries the responsibility of protecting all of its citizens, beginning with those who are weakest and most vulnerable.

We believe that everyone should have access to compassionate care at the end of life, and we therefore reject euthanasia and assisted suicide as well as disproportionate treatment of patients.


We want to live in a province that holds as one of its highest value the protection and respect for its most vulnerable citizens.

We aim to promote the protection of the lives and inalienable dignity of persons made vulnerable by illness or age, by ensuring them compassionate support.

We call upon our fellow citizens to mobilize and pressure the governing bodies to improve existing palliative care, to ensure that all Quebec citizens end their lives naturally, surrounded by attention and affection.

We aim to:

  1. Support persons made vulnerable by illness in all circumstances and in all stages of life.
  2. Defend the dignity, equality and intrinsic value of the lives of the elderly and of all people who live with a disability or with temporary or chronic illness.
  3. Encourage a global approach in our health care system- an approach which, in the spirit of social solidarity, is respectful of patients, their loved ones and the common good.
  4. Promote access to appropriate care, including adequate pain management and quality palliative care for all, in the environment which best responds to the needs of the patient.
  5. Oppose disproportionate treatment of patients as well as euthanasia and assisted suicide, favouring instead a natural end-of- life.
  6. Protect doctor-patient trust, along with the universally recognized role of health professionals as protectors of life, while making sure that all health-care premises remain safe.
  7. Raise public awareness around the critical issues at play at the end of life, such as over-treatment, refusal of medical treatment, pain management and palliative care.
  8. Work to maintain a legal and ethical framework that opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We invite people and organizations who share our vision to join us in forging in Quebec a common bond that will ensure the protection of vulnerable citizens and respect for the common good.

The Living with Dignity network requests your support and encourages you to sign the "Manifesto for a natural and dignified end-of- life and promotion of quality health care in Quebec". For more information, contact or 438-931-1233