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Gestion Accès Santé - Private Orthopaedic Surgery


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  • End-of-life is a precious moment, for us and for the person leaving us. It is our responsibility to make it a privileged moment, to make ourselves available, to look at our loved ones under a new light, and to see them as they truly are. End-of-life is a period where we simplify and show the essential of what we want to leave to our loved ones.Dr. Patrick Vinay

  • Regarding “unbearable pain,” we must kill the pain, not the person with the pain. Failure to offer pain management is now a breach of human rights.–Margaret Somerville

  • I think it would be a disastrous mistake to legalize euthanasia in Quebec and Canada.–Dr. Balfour Mount

Killing isn't caring

Dr. Balfour Mount tells us that "intentionally causing a patient's death has never been accepted as a medical act since the days of Hippocrates, 2,400 years ago."

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