Corbella: Untruths used to push for euthanasia law

... On Jan. 21, a Quebec group called the Physicians' Alliance for Total Refusal of Euthanasia (PATRE), sent out a news release deploring the Quebec government's commissioned report, that advocates for making physician-assisted suicide legal.

More than 300 Quebec physicians provided their signed support, beseeching all Quebecers to become aware of the dangers the report poses to their wellbeing and urging them to implore the opposition majority in Quebec's National Assembly to condemn it.
"This report is the work of some hand-picked lawyers who present the act of doctors killing patients as if it were part of a natural continuum with good end-of-life care," said PATRE spokesperson Dr. Catherine Ferrier. "They and the politicians who appointed them introduce the term 'medically assisted dying' as if it were something different from killing patients. This act is abhorrent to us as doctors, and should appal Quebecers who care about social justice and building communities that care about the most vulnerable."