There is something to learn from accompanying people to the end

Nathan Friedland, a nurse at the Montreal Children's Hospital says that Bill 52 causes him, and many like him, sleepless nights. In an article for The Gazette ("Courageous teen's death has something to teach us"), he relates the story of a teenager's last few weeks.

Friedland describes moments in time, snapshots of a dying cancer patient's life, and that of his family. What strikes me most about this is how the boy was accompanied, with love, to the end.

Friedland ...

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Emmanuelle Béart supports palliative care, not euthanasia

French actress Emmanuelle Béart explains how her opinion has changed regarding end of life following the role she played in the French film « Ma compagne de nuit ». She played the role of Julia, a woman with advanced cancer, who choses to live out the rest of her days at home.

In an interview, Béart affirms that instead of talking about euthanasia we should be insuring acess to palliative care. She further explains:

« How do we help someone who is dying to live fully until the end? Maybe by ...

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Bill 52 – the fight isn’t over

The National Assembly didn’t vote on Bill 52 before suspending its work last Thursday, February 20th. You probably already heard about it in the news. Some people say that the Bill died on the order paper. However, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT OUR MNAs WILL BE VOTING ON THE BILL AS SOON AS MARCH 10TH! The fight isn’t over.

While it is likely that an election will be called before the Assembly is scheduled to return to work, we must all continue ...

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Vote or no vote

Will there be a vote on Bill 52 today? Shrewd are those who'd be able to tell for sure. The Parti québécois and Véronique Hivon are urging all the MNAs to not delay the vote, while the Quebec Liberal Party and the Coalition Avenir Québec are accused of partisanship on Twitter.

The Marceau budget will be deposed this afternoon and all seems to indicate that elections will be called immediately afterwards.

The Parti québécois insists on adding hours of debate today in order to assure the adoption of Bill 52. If the opposition refuses, the vote will not take place before the elections.

Why is the PQ in such ...

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Vigil against euthanasia in Quebec

As the MNAs started debating preceding a final vote on Bill 52, a good number of citizens braved the cold last night to express their opposition to this government project. Around 200 people held a vigil against euthanasia and Bill 52 in front of the Quebec National Assembly.

Coming from the four cornes of Quebec, they peacefully demonstrated. Dr. Claude Morin of Rassemblement québécois contre l'euthanasie, Dr. Catherine Ferrier from ...

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