Why such impatience?

With the approach of the fateful date inaugurating the controversial Act Respecting End-of-life Care, on December 10, we have learned that Ontario and British Columbia are open to a federal government extension request to formulate its law following the Supreme Court judgement on the decriminalization of assisted suicide in Canada.

Given the attitude of these two provinces, patient and respectful of the Canadian Criminal Code, we are entitled to ask ourselves the question: why is Quebec so eager to implement ...

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The Strategy Behind “Medical Aid in Dying”

In order to pass Bill 52 before the Carter decision takes effect, the Quebec government said it was not euthanasia because it would take place in a medical framework.

Consequently, faced with the mass refusal by Quebec health care professionals to participate in what has been called "medical aid in dying" – almost unanimously by those most affected by the issue, the palliative care professionals – the government is in the difficult position of seeing its law virtually impossible to ...

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