Euthanasia: all aboard!

NOTE: The original article was published in French in the Huffintgon Post on September 29, 2016 (read original article here >>).


Everyone must push in the same direction. That is how we develop a consensus in Quebec. What counts is that an idea progresses down its path.

Thus, less than a year after the implementation of the law on “medical assisted death”, the proponents of euthanasia-on-demand are already attacking the Commission charged with monitoring its implementation. They are preying ...

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Doctors needed. Leave your conscience at home

In a new paper, two prominent bioethicists suggest that all doctors should be required to see to it personally that any medical procedure — including abortions and assisted suicides — be performed for patients who request and qualify for them. Sadly, for devout Catholics, evangelical Protestants or others with deep religious or moral convictions, the prospect of medical school itself would be completely off the table if co-authors Udo Schuklenk and Julian Savulescu had their way.

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