CHPCA excludes euthanasia from palliative care

In a "call to action" published November 27, the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) reminded that euthanasia and assisted suicide are clearly distinct from palliative care services. The CHPCA also asked the federal and provincial governments to prioritize funding and improve access to hospice palliative care.

MP Garnett Genuis signs letter on protection of conscience

Nov. 20, 2019 – Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis expresses his support for conscience rights and the late Bill 207 in Alberta in an opinion letter published by The Post Millennial. M. Genuis underlines the strong moral and intellectual basis of conscience protection and points towards a certain understanding of diversity.

Interview with Margaret Somerville

Read one of the latest interview with Margaret Somerville, professor of ethics and medical law at McGill University, on the subject of euthanasia.