The governement is to seek consensus on offering medical aid in dying to mentally ill

Jan. 27, 2020 – The Governement of Quebec walked back a plan to offer medical aid in dying to those suffering severe, incurable mental illness and will now consult widely before making a final decision on the controversial issue. But while she speaks of « social consensus », Health minister Danielle McCann seems determined to arrive at the expansion…

New agreement on palliative home care

Dec. 4, 2019 – An agreement was reached between the government of Quebec and the general practitioners’ union of Quebec (FMOQ) on shortly deploying between 60 and 90 units of palliative home care in the province. This agreement occurs after several actors in the palliative care community publicly denounced what appeared as a blockage from the FMOQ. (FRENCH)​

Health professionals go out against lack of access to palliative care

Nov. 19, 2019 – The Quebec coalition for access to palliative care blames the FMOQ for blocking the development of 68 units of palliative home care. « The majority of patients in palliative care wish to stay at home and actually, in the Quebec province, they are robbed from this right,” said Dr. Genevieve Dechêne.

New palliative care unit in Laval

Oct. 15, 2019 – A new palliative care unit at Hôpital de la Cité-de-la-Santé was inaugurated on October 10, following a long mobilization. The project aimed to respond to a growing demand for palliative care. (FRANÇAIS)

The Superior Court of Quebec invalidates portions of MAiD laws

Sept. 11, 2019 - The end-of-life and reasonably foreseeable natural death criteria are too restrictive, concludes Justice Christine Beaudoin. According to many groups dedicated to the defense of vulnerable people, governments should appeal the decision.

Better palliative care services in Outaouais

Sept. 16, 2019 - The palliative care home Maison Mathieu Froment-Savoie launched a major fundraising campaign, planning to build 5 additional rooms, among other projects.

4th annual report of the Commission on end-of-life care

Oct. 2, 2019 – The Commission reports of a 32% increase in the number of euthanasia in Quebec from April 2018 to March 2019, 13 of which violated the safeguards of the law. Also, there was 31% more physicians who took part in an euthanasia procedure.